A land big enough for a rubber ducky.

That churlish little man, Conservative leader Patrick Brown, stood in the Ontario legislature a while ago to make fun of a rubber ducky he had never even met. That rubber ducky has now arrived and that silly man can quack all he likes, that rubber ducky adds something to an otherwise dull harbour.

And that rubber ducky also adds something to an overly commercialized celebration of Canada’s first 150 years as a nation. There is just this big, 18-metre high yellow plastic ducky without any commercial message. I would like to give it a big hug, if I could only climb up there.

I have always loved those rubber ducky races with thousands of little duckies thrown into Ontario’s rivers and streams to see whose rubber ducky can get to the lake first. It makes for a great fundraiser, provided you have a boom across the river mouth to collect your rubber duckies at the finish.

And how ignorant can that twerp Brown be that he cannot see the fun in a huge rubber ducky? Not that the Ontario Liberals had anything to do with it anyway. He is trying to link a grant to another group that was celebrating our 150 years back to the government. At least the people deciding who got the grants had a sense of humour. Mr. Brown doesn’t.

In all the years that I have seen Patrick Brown in action in Barrie and in Ottawa, I have never seen that dismal twerp have any fun. Mind you I have heard how he can be miserable when things do not go his way. Why does that not surprise me?

On Canada Day, the wife was watching events in Ottawa on the CBC and one of their reporters finally found a curmudgeon. Everyone was cheerfully braving teeming rain and long waits in line to get into the parliament grounds and they had to search hard to find someone to complain. They did of course and the lady who did the bitching did a fine job. Here they were, surrounded by men, armed to the teeth with high-powered weapons, and she actually complained that they did not police the queues. Somebody must have cut in on her.

Judging from the events in Ottawa for Canada Day, it looks like Prime Minister Trudeau is finally suffering from overexposure. Anyone in that crowd of 20,000-plus who did not get a selfie with the Prime Minister is asked to let the PM’s office know and they will send you an old-fashioned photograph—signed of course.


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