The Prince of the Past.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales will be a pathetic pallbearer likely to be tasked to shut down the House of Windsor. As a family business, the House of Windsor inherited a somewhat convoluted history going back to Alfred the Great in 871. Charles will have more than a few royal ghosts with whom to make peace.

It is not that an overwhelming number of Canadians want to dispense with the monarchy but the more serious situation in the United Kingdom that will cause the downfall. Canadians are more inclined to be apathetic about the monarchy. It is just that it causes them no bother. Other than preferring Charles’ son William take over the crown, it makes no difference to them.

But if the current kerfuffle over Brexit does not get resolved a lot faster than it has been progressing, other more serious problems will ensue:

You can hardly expect the Scots to stick around while England cuts its own throat with former allies on the continent. Independence from England and the end of an ancient Act of Union could not come fast enough for the Scots.

And Northern Ireland might be close behind once those loyalists realize the economic disaster awaiting them outside the EU. That could leave a greatly weakened England and Wales making up the United Kingdom.

And while the royals can provide some tourism advantages, parliament would hardly be likely to continue the generous grants that the royals enjoy.

It was interesting thinking about this on July 1 as Prince Charles droned on in his obligatory speech to Her Majesty’s Canadian subjects at the Ottawa celebrations of Canada’s 150 years. It was hardly the most inspiring act to appear on that stage on the day.

It is our own fault. By the time our politicians are through vetting royal speeches, they are lucky they get to say ‘Hello.’ No royal is allowed to make an interesting speech.

Mind you, tuning out Charles as he bored that polite crowd of Canadians, it was clear that nobody in Canada is going to miss the House of Windsor.


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