The Cabal.

Writers search every day for the right words to describe the calamity in the American White House. You can hardly call it an administration. Though there is a school of thought that it might be referred to as a maladministration. It struck me that Mr. Trump might be attempting a hunta but for that, he needs more than one general. Since he does tend to bring in temporary help from the business community, I think we have to use the word cabal.

That might work. A cabal is supposed to be a secret group of advisors who serve at the pleasure of the potentate—and Mr. Trump certainly thinks of himself as a potentate. And Mr. Trump’s pleasure seems to be very brief, so they might as well be secret. They can be here today and gone tomorrow.

They come and go so fast that I did not even find time to scold that guy called ‘Mooch’ who used unprintable language in a magazine interview. Not even Hugh Hefner would let language like that go uncensored in his Playboy Magazine. Using vulgar language is Mooch’s way of trying to be pals with the reporter. It is considered an ingratiating technique by the ignorant.

The trained and experienced interviewee can visualize the story line as he or she talks to the reporter. Yes, you usually should appear relaxed but the questions are a clear indication of the possible bias the reporter brings to the story. You have to be wary without indicating it to the reporter. It also helps if there is a trained communicator listening who can step in later, if needed, and spin the story line a little differently than the path the reporter is taking.

But speaking of Mr. Trump’s cabal, I must admit that I have never heard of a cabal that all reported through a general—especially a U.S. Marine. I really wonder what the general is going to say the first time he sees Mr. Trump’s son-in-law just walk directly into the Oval Office. This lack of discipline has been one of things seriously wrong in Trumpland but how the general will handle it is the question. I would suggest the kid be sent to the Marine training base at Quantico for a month or so of toughening on the live-fire obstacle course, before the general gives him a dressing down.


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