“My Trump, right or wrong!”

(We are playing a bit of catch-up here.)

Not being a regular viewer of Late Night with Stephen Colbert, I had to watch the segment with Donald Trump’s friend Anthony Scaramucci on the Internet. I was still trying to figure out what this guy was doing passing himself off as a communications expert. I can now report with some confidence, he never was and never will be a ‘communications’ anything more important than a Florida bingo caller.

This guy is a fraud when it comes to communications expertise. Can you imagine going on to one of the major TV talk shows anywhere and starting out by trying to take over the program and threatening the lives of some of the show’s employees? Colbert quickly earned my respect by cutting the guy off at the pass. He was not going to take over Colbert’s show and he, even comedically, does not threaten any of his staff.

It was obvious that someone had assured ‘The Mooch’ that there would be no got-cha questions on the show, so Colbert asked him one. It was about the failure of Donald Trump to unequivocally denounce the white supremacists who incited the death and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia the previous weekend. And Colbert was not settling for some namby-pamby excuse.

Since the show is designed to be entertaining, we would have to admit that the funniest lines in the show came from Mr. Scaramucci. He lamented that Mr. Trump should be recognized as a “compassionate person” and appreciated for foregoing his previous “luxurious lifestyle” to take on his current job. Now that is loyalty for you. This guy was fired ten days after Mr. Trump gave him the job of communications director. The obvious reason was that he had absolutely no idea what that job entailed.

But whether Mr. Trump is a compassionate person is a question we should leave to his wife. That woman must have made a deal with the devil to marry him and sometimes acts as though she hates him. He might be keeping her in the style she wanted, yet you are sure aware that she has regrets.

And what is less than a luxurious life style than in the White House or at Trump’s two golfing properties in Florida and New Jersey has us stumped. Hell, Trump is on a perpetual holiday—divorced from reality.


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