Trump’s Triumph.

It could become a bigger parlor game than Monopoly. It seems appropriate to introduce it on Halloween. Our latest board game enables players to have fun ridiculing U.S. President Donald Trump. We are calling the new game Trump’s Triumph. It is both hilarious and horrifying—and how can you beat that? It is based on the most outrageous scenarios and how Trump would pull it off. Every time a player tops all others, he or she gets to be part of Trump’s Roman triumph down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

One of the more interesting scenarios is based on what happens after Trump cancels the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This assumes that he has been secretly negotiating with Russia to replace Canada and Mexico in the hearts and minds and wallets of Americans. After all it is only $500 billion in trade that he needs to replace. Just do not try to compute that $500 billion in Rubles—you will end up with a headache.

But it will be Trump’s Washington Triumph that will be the most fun. Imagine Trump and Putin sitting on the backs of matching open convertibles. (The armoured shields will only have to be raised as the convertibles pass the Canadian Embassy.)

It would also be fun to have the then current Canadian prime minister and Mexican president in chains walking behind Trump and Putin. They would be followed by the last Canadian-made Chevrolet and the last Mexican-made Toyota. They would be followed by a tow truck hauling the first Russian Lada made for the American market.

As you can see, it is a two-part game with the players coming up with outrageous actions by President Trump that he will carelessly inflict on American citizens. These actions can be done for his fun or profit. It little matters how much he will gain in wealth as his actions will likely destroy the value of the American dollar for a very long time.

The second part of the game is to see who has had enough to drink at the party to come up with the most outlandish but plausible aspects of a triumph for President Trump. The only stipulation is that the player has to find imaginative ways to keep Mr. Trump in office to allow the next player to have a turn.


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