Why Sarah is the perfect press patsy.

Her name is Sarah Huckabee Sanders and she is President Trump’s White House press secretary. Watching her in action, you get the feeling that she is something of a female version of Forrest Gump. It is her gullible nature that makes her the ideal press secretary.

Having been in her position occasionally, during a career in politics, I have to be sympathetic to her plight. Laugh at her if you wish but she is the one earning the danger pay.

Back when I was looking after the media for prime ministerial events in Toronto, media briefings were often part of the job. Sometimes I would be asked to say something that was designed to mislead the media. My most frequent answer was to ask who would make that announcement. They would promise someone else to make the announcement but they would never show.

What they really wanted for those briefings was someone dumb enough to do what they were told. And that is why Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the perfect patsy as press secretary.

Anyone thinking they can defend Donald Trump’s nocturnal twitting on Twitter has got to be a few litres short of a fill.

The other day the media confronted Sarah Huckabee Sanders outside the White House in regards to the President retwitting some racist twits about Muslims. Her explanation of the retwits left the news media folks wide-eyed and amazed. She explained that even if the twits were wrong, they were right. She also claimed that the reporters were looking at these twits from the wrong direction.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that it did not matter if the twits were real or fake, the President and her thought the threat was real. The threat, according to the twits, were that if you were on crutches, you were liable to be kicked by a person made up as a supposed Muslim, someone else in costume smashed a statue supposedly of the Virgin Mary and some other mayhem. The videos were so bad, you would have to also believe in the tooth fairy to consider them credible.

The incident certainly annoyed Prime Minister Elizabeth May in the United Kingdom. The videos came from a far-right organization in England, known for their virulent and ignorant anti-Muslim sentiments. The fact that Donald Trump retwitted them to his 43 million Twitter followers just means that a large number of Twitter-users need to get a life.

But the sound of one hand clapping for Sarah Huckabee Sanders over here in Canada is in recognition of her unwavering loyalty, her creativity and her stupidity. Bless her.


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