Meet the Northern Mockingbird.

While the Northern Mockingbird has a smaller head and a longer tail than others of its specie, it uses the same tricks as other mockingbirds. It can fool you by using the song styling of different birds and even a dog’s bark. It is like Ontario conservative leader Doug Ford who is trying to trumpet like Trump for the coming provincial election.

It is particularly interesting how candidate Ford tries to campaign as Donald Trump. He has already launched the fake news on his own amateurish news site on the Internet. He even runs television advertising that looks like Trump-style rallies in the United States. He likes the idea of only having to talk to supporters. They believe everything he says and they cheer him on.

Like Trump, he is running against a savvy politician. He solves the problem by just lying or exaggerating. Instead of accusing his opponent of just sending e-mails the wrong way, he claims his opponent has broken the bank in Ontario. He thinks the province needs a good dose of castor oil and cuts in spending so he can give his millionaire friends tax cuts.

With all his weeping and wailing about impoverished Ontario, Doug Ford is forced to admit that Kathleen Wynne has brought Ontario a long way back to prosperity in her one full term as premier. Despite the doom and gloom predictions over the higher minimum wage, employment is up in Ontario and Ontario is moving ahead. It can be absolutely amazing to hear someone who is making more money than ever before, railing against the Ontario liberals.

But the people that mockingbird Ford is mocking are the conservative party in Ontario. Like Trump, he shows little interest in party policies planned by party members. He does like the policy requests of people who give him donations to the campaign. This is like the builders who wanted to build on the Greenbelt area around Toronto. Nobody could understand what part of the word greenbelt Doug Ford could not comprehend. No doubt he will find others with deep pockets that will want to buy his support.

The other people that Doug Ford is mocking are the people in Ontario who think that it is time to try something different. The problem is that change for the better is good. Change to Doug Ford would be a disaster. Just think of all the good that Rob Ford did in Toronto with his brother’s help. Just think of all the good Donald Trump is doing in the U.S.


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