“A Little Child Shall Lead Them.”

Yes, that quote from Isaiah in the Christian bible is out of context. It still seems appropriate. It is used in Isaiah to set the scene of the beasts of the forest lying with farmers’ domesticated animals—and a little child shall lead them. In this case it sets the scene of a two-year old Honduran child crying as her refugee mother is arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol. It is images such as this one, that has gone around the world, that can bring about change.

It is ongoing agony to the caring of America that no matter how many older children are killed each year by the country’s love for guns, a picture of one two-year old can matter. Like the picture of a dead child on a beach in Lebanon could change the attitude of Europe on the crushing waves of illegal migration, the image of one crying child in Texas could be what brings down an American president.

And the man with the golden hair has to be brought down. This hypocrite, this disgusting person is using his crimes against children to try to force Congress to build his wall of fear.

President Trump has brought America into disrepute around the world. He has replaced caring with bigotry, compassion with racism, truth with falsehoods and the wealth of knowledge available to him with impulsiveness. His selection of advisors and cabinet appointees rides a slippery downhill slope into ignorance and apostacy.

The inexcusable ignorance of attorney general Jeff Sessions the other day, inadvertently calling up images of Nazi Germany to explain Donald Trump’s actions, explained a great deal to Americans—at least those who could bring themselves to listen. This man who claims to be a servant of God, only serves the Anti-Christ.

Even former first lady Laura Bush who has rarely given an opinion on anything, wrote for the Washington Post that president Trump’s separating of parents and children is immoral and heartbreaking.

And yet when Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz said the other day that Congress must meet to stop this practice. No such legislation is needed. Mr. Trump could end the practice with one more swipe at writing his signature. It appears that many federal border patrol officers know the practice of using children as pawns is not covered by any law—and that is why we are finding out about it.


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