Trudeau’s petard simmers for the summer.

Tough as he might be on boys who misbehave, Justin Trudeau has the summer to figure out how to handle the insidious questioning in parliament of his own behaviour. It seems as a young man—some 18-years ago—Trudeau was reported to have acted inappropriately with a lady of a similar age.

What we are hearing from a variety of women on the subject is “So what?” You would assume that many men would feel that way but it is the attitude of women on the subject that intrigues us. The feeling is that the #MeToo movement went overboard. Men and women have to be able to interact. They have to be able to exchange signals of interest in each other. When we try to stifle much of the natural, healthy relationships, we are asking for trouble.

Nobody wants to defend the guy who uses the power of his position to take advantage of women. That has been going on for too long and has to be stopped. Some of us can even comment on the cougar who takes advantage of men. And there is not enough space in this commentary to discuss same-sex relationships that can be offered inappropriately.

But repressing communications between our young people and demanding they deny their interest in exercising their sexuality is counterproductive. Open and clear communications between them is healthy. The mating process in North America has long struggled with repressive religious and regressive attitudes. Each of us carries our own baggage and where one might be, at times, smooth and give off obvious vibes of interest or lack of interest, another can faulter, lack finesse and be misread.

The recent experience of sexual rage that led to horror and death on Toronto’s Yonge Street is an extreme of human frustration. It is not just the psychiatrists who need to understand the cause of that incident but all of our society, so that we can read the warning signs.

Our society also gives off many false signals that conflict the less gregarious among us. We are an open society and would not have it otherwise but we must not leave some behind. They too need to understand their needs and wants. Their needs are real and constant rejection is demeaning and discouraging to them.

A simple band-aid to the problem is to free the willing seller of sexual release to negotiate with the willing buyer. That too is part of a mature and nonjudgmental society.


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