Trump rides the Tiger.

When you choose to ride the tiger, there is no option but to stay aboard. This situation with Donald Trump is increasingly serious. It was emphasized and underlined the other day when the publisher of the New York Times warned the American president that he was endangering lives with his inflammatory rhetoric. While the publisher was obviously more concerned about the safety of members of the news media, the problem can have an equal and opposite impact on the safety of the president.

When the president of the United States so blatantly chooses to lie with the cretins of the National Rifle Association (NRA) can he be safe from the crazies within the organization? We would hardly expect that anybody has to send a note from their analyst along with their membership dues.

And the American Secret Service can hardly be expected to admonish the person they are supposed to protect. Could they catch him sending twits in the middle of the night and take his iPhone away from him? Maybe they could just turn off the White House Wi-fi at night and let everyone get a decent night’s sleep?

Trump seems terrified of letting the news media do their job. If the information is about his administration, it is obviously ‘fake news’ to the president. The New York Times publisher was also very concerned that the president’s claims about the negative coverage are endangering journalists. The publisher does not want his employees shot just for doing their job.

But is the situation worse than that? Is America heading towards another civil war? If California and New York cannot be divided into six states, will federal elections in America continue to be dominated by the red states?

Or will the blue states rise again?


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