Doing it the old-fashioned way.

We better face facts folks! Dougie and his denizens have four years to tear into the fabric of Ontario. Do you really think you will still recognize your province by the time you have a chance to get rid of them?

Today, we have been looking at the cannabis market. It has been my intent to ignore this subject as much as possible. Recreational drugs are not my thing.

But it looks like Dougie has dumped a can of worms in his lap. To be fair though, it appears that the previous liberal government had already doomed the government cannabis stores to failure. The idea of opening a few legal bricks and mortar outlets this fall was going to do nothing more than give a shot in the arm to the illegal market. Users were laughing. Why should they go in search of those few legal stores when their local pusher is just down the block? They are happy with the old-fashioned way of doing business.

And what I am hearing is that your local back-street guy can easily undercut the legal pricing. Take away the greed of the growers, the federal, provincial and municipal rake-offs, as well as the store overheads and it is obvious the street guy can sell for less. Nobody cares that much about the purity of the product as long as it makes the user happy. Maybe the back-street pedlar might have a few court costs but he knows his local cops and they have more important things to do than keep hassling small-time dealers.

The more serious problem is the municipality that denies the legal sales of pot in their community. These municipalities are just protecting the illegal market. The police can hardly start arresting people for having their personal stash and who is to say where it came from.

Dougie and the gang came in late to this party. Playing catch-up will be tough. They can do very little about the mail order business that is expected to launch in October of this year.

But the fun will start by next April as Dougie’s people get their private sector purveyors licensed and up and running. There will be some interesting stories to tell when the private sector purveyors take on the street sellers. That could be a rough and tumble period as things get sorted out.


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