“The shape of things to come”

Writer H.G. Wells would be astounded by the possible changes in the Canadian political landscape over the coming year. Events commencing this year will culminate in the federal election planned for 2019. And it is each piece of the puzzle as it unfolds that foretells the future.

This year, we have already had the shock of the unexpected. On New Year’s Day nobody would have predicted the ascension of Doug Ford as premier of Canada’s largest province. Nor did we expect the whimsical nature of some of the Ford government’s immediate actions. Ontario has opted for the unpredictable.

Quebec and Alberta are the next major concerns. Premier Couillard’s liberals in Quebec seem to suffering the same regime exhaustion as the Wynne liberals in Ontario. Will he also surrender before the campaign has even run its course? His dictatorial decisions on candidates are already a puzzle. It is a constant amazement that liberal organizations so reliant on democracy for their existence, fail to practice it.

I never thought I would be rooting for a New Democrat but what can you do when the alternative in Alberta is a sleaze such as Jason Kenney and his united right? Mind you if they can ever find someone in Alberta who can convince Albertans to leave that awful tar sands stuff in the ground, I am for that person.

But that is unlikely. The person who is causing the most problems about the tar sands is pipeline king Justin Trudeau. Who would predict that the prime minister would buy the old and decrepit Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. Now he wants to spend far more billions of taxpayers’ money twinning and upgrading the line so that it can pump almost four times the diluted bitumen to Burrard Inlet on the B.C. coast.

And that will be the key election in 2019. It will have ‘Chuckles’ Scheer of the conservatives (who is pro-pipeline) and liberal leader Justin Trudeau (also pro-pipeline) challenged by Jagmeet Singh of the NDP (who is anti-pipeline when he is not in Alberta).

Liberals across Canada are faced with the hypocrisy of their leader. He started in 2015 as the poster boy for saving the environment. Now he wants to send the tar sands gunk to countries around the world so that they can help pollute our world environment.


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