Gobsmacked by sex education.

There are a lot of people in Ontario angry and frustrated by the idiocy of our politicians trying to satisfy the wrong people with how we are teaching children about sex. What is wrong with honesty? Have we become a society of hypocrites? Or are the politicians just pandering to the ignorant and repressed among us?

I have a special relationship with Thorncliffe Park in Toronto. I was deeply concerned when it became something of a microcosm of the Middle East in the middle of Toronto. Instead of becoming attuned to Canadian openness and acceptance, this area was becoming isolated, insular and easy pickings for those who would organize against the prized Canadian openness. Recent immigrants find comfort from others from their part of the world and do not understand why children need to become familiar with their sexuality.

But like millions of immigrants to this country over the years, the children adapt faster than the parents. It is hard on the parents coming from more repressed societies but they are certainly made aware of the more open attitudes of the country that is taking them in. They should show their appreciation better.

And rather than be angry at these protestors, Canadians have to direct their anger at those who are using these immigrants for their own political purposes. Who gets them on the buses, who paints the signs and who is behind the megaphone?

Arranging for the ‘spontaneous demonstration’ was one of the first lessons I was ever given in politics. The hypocrisy angered me. I never used those tactics in many years in politics.

But it is going to take a long time to straighten out the mess premier Ford has got us into by catering to objectors. He thought it was an easy promise to make. It was. The promise came out of his mouth just like many others. His problem is that he will be a long time getting free of the stupidity. (He should have taken off his shoes before sticking both feet in his mouth.)

Even teachers’ associations are now getting into the act to protect the rights of teachers in this foolishness.

Maybe Dougie is surprised (gobsmacked) by the controversy he has created. The harder you try to dig yourself out of a problem such as this, the deeper is the hole you are in.


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