Could Quebec go with Legault?

With less than two weeks to go to the Quebec election, it comes across as a spiritless event. At least the Couillard liberals have not laid down their arms and surrendered to François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec. Why would they? Is there any logical reason for Quebecers to vote for the CAQ?

In the Game of Polls running up to this election, it has once more been common sense struggling with bigotry and tribalism. In the on-going rhetoric as to who is more ‘pur laine’ between them, the leaders of the CAQ and the Parti Québécois have spent considerable time telling each other how they are going to make sure immigrants speak French. Legault actually promises to kick immigrants out of the province if they do not meet the right standards. Just how he is going to contravene human rights in this fashion leaves many in the province wondering.

Legault showed how he was talking through his hat the other day when he gave misleading information to reporters on when a landed immigrant can apply for citizenship. With all his promises about reducing the number of immigrants coming to Quebec and making sure they speak good French, he seems to find it convenient to ignore some of the facts.

Jean-François Lisée’s Parti Québécois are enjoying this election the most. They seem to think they will win and get to draw up a new accord with prime minister Trudeau. Lisée tells voters that the PQ are the only ones who can threaten Trudeau with a referendum. I can tell him now, Justin Trudeau does not like to be threatened.

But it is premier Couillard’s liberals who seem to be coasting through the election. You get the impression that it will all come to reality on the eve of the election and there will be peace and tranquility throughout the province for the next four years with Couillard and his team at the helm.

The funny part of all this is that it has happened before in Quebec and will happen again. Time and age have taken some of the connections I have had in the past in Quebec and what I do hear today is a mixed and apathetic attitude. What I cannot give you is a prediction. All I can say is ‘Bonne Chance!’


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