Meet Ms. Mulroney and Ms. Simard.

Coventry can be described as that place in the corner of the Ontario legislature to where politicians are sent to be forever forgotten. They continue to draw their pay from the taxpayers but there are no committee perks and no opportunity to speak on motions. It is a place for non-persons.

There are currently two occupants of this corner. One did something bad, maybe. We are not sure of what. The other chose the corner because of principles. She is MPP Amanda Simard from Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, a largely francophone constituency where Ontario and Quebec meet.

Ms. Simard found it impossible to have principles and remain a conservative. It tells you much about the other members of her former party in the legislature.

Of particular note in the legislature is the daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Caroline Mulroney is a politician with ambitions. She had barely selected a safe seat where she would run and bought a summer home in the electoral district on the shores of Lake Simcoe when an opportunity came along to be conservative leader. Ms. Mulroney is certainly her father’s daughter. She sprang quickly into the fray.

But when Ms. Mulroney could not handle fellow candidates such as Tanya Granic Allen, her hopes for early leadership bottomed out. Things did not get better when, as the New York trained Ontario attorney general, she tried to justify the use of the charter of rights’ not-withstanding clause to change Toronto from 47 to 25 wards.

But it was in her additional role as responsible for francophone affaires, that Caroline Mulroney did not support her parliamentary assistant in the portfolio, Amanda Simard. It seems Ms. Mulroney never even gave the younger MPP a heads-up on what was happening. She could, at least, have sent her regrets.

It should be obvious by now that Caroline Mulroney has none of the smarts nor judgement nor caring needed to be in politics. Daddy might be disappointed but daddy be damned.


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