Bitumen’s Bedfellows.

Global News and CBC News are both hung up on supporting the politicians and tar sands exploiters who lie to them about tar sands bitumen. The province of Alberta is even running ads on these networks that refer to bitumen as oil. They make false statements about what is being shipped out of the country at discounted prices.

What is ridiculous about the confusion this causes is ‘Chuckles’ Scheer, the conservative leader telling the House of Commons and Canadians that prime minister Justin Trudeau is ‘directly’ responsible for the “cratering” of the price of Western Canadian Select, which is still just bitumen any way you say it. Mr. Scheer blames Mr. Trudeau’s energy policies for the entire mess.

What might be puzzling Canadians amid all this false news and hyperbole is that Mr. Trudeau does not seem to know if he is for the environment or against it? Why, for example, would he buy a pipeline that is about to be expanded to carry bitumen to Burnaby, BC? Why does he not let all those free-enterprise supporters in Alberta solve their own problem.

Did you know, for example, that there is a growing movement in Alberta to process all that bitumen in the province. Nobody would object half as much if all that the pipelines carried was ersatz crude oil.

The only problem with this great idea is that after a few years of all that heavily polluting refining, the environment in Alberta would unlikely be able to support human life.

Despite the polls, that somebody paid for, that say Canadians do not care about the environment, many do.

I know this writer does. Many years ago, when stationed at the air base at Cold Lake in northern Alberta, some of us would go out and rent riding horses from local farmers enabling us to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. It seems very foolish to wantonly destroy that beauty because of greed.


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