Time to grow up Bernie Sanders.

It’s okay. I can say that to him. I am a Canadian and am also a democratic socialist. I understand his problems. And Bernie Sanders is too old to be President of the United States of America. He was showing the strain last time he ran against Hillary Clinton for the nomination. He did a good job of pulling her to the political left. He made Americans pay attention to the ideals of democratic socialism. He made it clear that the government’s job is there to serve the people—not to serve special interests.

But he has a far greater task open to him. It is not that he needs to admit that he cannot win the presidency from Donald Trump. Defeating Mr. Trump is the easy part of the job. It is whether he has the ability to work with and mentor a younger person who can offer democratic socialism and leadership and a better future to a divided nation. This is the person needed in the White House. It is the person who can help build a better United Nations. This is the person whom the whole world needs to firmly guide and rebuild the American role in world leadership.

Sorry, it is not you, Bernie. The job is hardly just to rid America of Trump. This job will need a solid eight years of hard work just to make the country whole again.

Americans no longer know what truth means. They have been lied to for too long. The American reputation around the world has been trashed. The American dream has to be made a reality, again.

America is still one of the richest countries. It should be a leader in social reforms—free medical care as well as prescription drugs, free tuition all the way to post-graduate studies, and the guarantee of affordable shelter for all. A full life in a land of liberty is the ambition of people around the world. It needs leaders who know the way.


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