The Silence of the Liberals.

It is a time of quiet. Yet the storm is gathering. It is a time of assessment, we have little confidence of the future. The feeling of disappointment is real. We bought the early confidence. We reveled in those sunny ways. We cheered: the king is dead; Long live the king.

But this king has shown his feet of clay. He has put neoliberalism ahead of the freedoms we all believed in. He put Quebec’s SNC-Lavalin ahead of honour. He demoted and maligned an honourable colleague. She did the job he gave her with responsibility and honesty. He brought the dishonour of SNC-Lavalin onto his party.

And what say you, liberals? Are Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott the only persons of honour among you? Are you but sheep to be shorn and slaughtered? Are you but the viand of a long winter still to come?

But what of the other members of cabinet and parliament? Is there no honour among the party caucus? Are the caucus members to be abused, used and tossed aside in the maelstrom of the election to come?

Canadians are not just concerned and disquieted. They have realized they are being lied to and leaderless.

The three major party leaders in Canada are a shameful and disappointing sham. And there will be no uprising in the ranks of their MPs. The leader of each party has a firm lock on the future of any MP in their party ranks with aspirations. Each controls his party organization. Each controls the selection of potential MPs. Can a caucus revolt even happen?

And what hope is there for a political party that does not exist? At the Winnipeg meeting of the liberal party in 2016, the quiescent liberals voted themselves out of existence. There is no membership in the liberal party of Canada. There is no party with which to have pride in association. There are just lists of names. These are people to be harried constantly for money. This party does not run on ideals and policies and honour anymore, it runs only on money.

We live in interesting times.


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