Ford finds friends.

Politicians always claim that they represent the people. Doug Ford ran a successful campaign in Ontario last year with the slogan: Doug Ford – For the People.

But the truth is that the voters have little say on laws presented for consideration and discussion. Bills take a long and cumbersome route from idea to fruition and most of the discussion is between the civil servants and the lobbyists for those who have a selfish interest in the bill. It is only if the bill is contentious and might be dropped that the premier or a senior minister finds that they have friends who want a word with them.

The interesting thing about that is between this new government and its predecessor, there are different friends. Times have changed.

The previous liberal government had the usual big donors but their friends seemed to be mainly corporate lawyers and bankers. If you needed to influence the premier or certain cabinet ministers, there were people you could call.

The new gang at Queen’s Park present a different situation. For one thing the Ford government is more of a one-man band. It seems that our premier does not trust his cabinet ministers to do their jobs. They do not have years of working together. Ford does not appear to think of them as colleagues. They are a bunch of people who want his job.

You should remember that Doug Ford’s previous political experience were those wacky and fun-filled four years with his late brother at Toronto city hall. In city politics, it is the developers and their lawyers who seek to endear themselves to the right politicos.

Obviously, Doug Ford is also taking their calls as premier. Lawyers throughout Ontario have already been advised who to call at Toronto firms that have invested time and effort with the premier.

Just remember, Doug Ford is open for business.


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