Playtime with Donald Trump.

It seems reasonable, with all his other problems, that young Donald Trump’s parents had to pay other children to play with him. And to this day, he still seems unable to deal with more than one playmate at a time. The problem is evident in the revolving door at the White House as he tires of the same familiar faces. It makes it difficult to understand where he is at with other world leaders.

This week he has been at the G-20 meeting in Japan and had a full dance card. He headed straight for Xi Jinping, president of China, to assert that they are the top dogs at this meeting of the powerful. Canada’s prime minister had already built on this thinking by asking Trump to intercede with Jinping in regards to the Canadian hostages being held by the Chinese in retaliation for the arresting of the Huawei executive in Vancouver for extradition to the United States.

The only problem with his promise to Mr. Trudeau was the famous Donald Trump attention span: it is very limited. Did he or did he not remember? Was he be reminded by one of his aides? This is a life or death matter and it is hanging by a thread. Canada’s prime minister entrusted this message to someone with the attention span of a gerbil.

Or were the U.S. aides more aware of their president’s need for allies for a possible war with the Iranians? If he does talk someone into a new Crusade, will he stick to it for long? What is his attention span when it comes to war?

Frankly, Canada would have been better off cutting an off-line deal with the Chinese. Since Canada was sitting side by side with the Chinese at the general sessions, there were some opportunities for a quiet chat with Xi Jinping. A little quiet horse trading at this meeting would not be all that unusual.


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