Does distaff determine Democratic destiny?

An unwieldy field of two-dozen potential candidates is vying for the Democratic nomination next year in the United States. Luckily, there have been surprises. The key surprise is that two women have been determined to be in the top four. To no one’s surprise, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is holding strong, as are former vice-president Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The surprise new leader and odds-maker favourite is Senator Kamala Harris from California.

This gal is sharp. Google her and you will find a web site that is a good balance between reasons why and requests for funds. There is a professionalism there that says she did not decide to do this yesterday. There is also a freshness.

Many believe Joe Biden did a bang-up job as vice-president for Barack Obama. He should be satisfied with that success. He did more than most VPs and yet he suffers from some of the Obama era errors. I think he should retire a winner.

The same seems to handicap Bernie Sanders. I love the way that guy thinks but he is like the guru on the mountain top. He has been breathing in that rarified air too long. Sure, America certainly does need to be brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Bernie is just not up to doing it.

I think Elizabeth Warren’s story is one of remarkable achievement. She seems to have lived more than one lifetime already and is working on a third. America needs that fine mind of hers in the Senate.

The problem is that Americans have had the opportunity to see Biden, Sanders and Warren in action for a number of years. Kamala Harris is the new kid on the block. Americans need someone such as her to really reform the American political system.

Canadians will find some interesting similarities between former attorney general of California, Kamala Harris, and Canada’s former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould from British Columbia. The difference is that Harris is one very smart politician.


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