The Dutch have no lock on sex.

Contrary to the opinions of tourists by the canals of Amsterdam, the Dutch did not invent sex. It is more likely that they are just more open about it. As I recall last time I was in Amsterdam, they had still not taught their residents about the value of scooping the pooping of their over-sized dogs. I might have looked at some of those ladies in windows, if only I had not had to watch where I stepped.

But that is no excuse for the blue-stocking Toronto Star using staff writer Heather Mallick to write an opinion piece about shutting down Amsterdam’s red-light sex windows.

And where she got her ‘informational’ revelations on the ‘gangster-run, money-laundering and exploitive’ business of sex work in beautiful Amsterdam is beyond me. She certainly did not seem to have much information on the very thorough and quite competent police in the Netherlands.

But Mallick is pandering to the typical attitude of feminists that it is all the fault of men. Women have been trading on the sexual interest they can draw since long before King David got the hots for Bathsheba.

And if you have been puzzled by the misogynistic Incel movement that led a young man to go on a rampage with a truck down Yonge Street in Toronto in April, 2018, you need come to an understanding. A very big part of it is the same reason that North American tourists gawk at the women in the windows of Amsterdam. The repression of sexuality in North America denies our natural instincts. This leads to mental health issues on this side of the Atlantic.

The sooner we accept prostitution for what it is—a safety valve and natural, the better. In the same way, we need to accept the human body with all its faults for what it is. We need to have a better understanding of our needs, urges, and desires while being more accepting of failures to meet some impossible standards of beauty and/or handsomeness. By accepting ourselves first, it makes us better prepared to accept others.


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