Showing the Scheer Sneer.

Since Andrew Scheer was made clerk of the House of Commons by Stephen Harper’s conservatives, it has been impossible to find common ground between the two of us. And it was when he was chosen leader of the conservatives, I knew we would never be friends. The guy is such a nerd. I had to find some friendly name for him (as I did in referring to Stephen Harper as ‘The Hair’—it made him seem human) and the best I could come up with was ‘Chuckles.’

But it was not until Chuckles spoke to the Dairy Farmers of Canada at their annual meeting in Saskatoon last week that I realized he and I had something in common. Chuckles told the farmers flat out that he did not agree with the Canadian food guide issued back in January. He gave the guide the Scheer Sneer.

I want you to know that I share Canadians’ concern about the guide. For years it has been veering away from my meat and potatoes diet and promoting things like broccoli. Hostesses have been known to lie to their children about what the doctors allow me to eat. You would not believe the number of kids who have begged me to have my doctor tell mom that they should not be forced to eat brussels sprouts.

Mind you, you have to admit that the same government people at Health Canada have been doing some serious good in getting us to change our diets. The statement printed on labelling today can easily convince people. I was in shock when I saw how much sodium was in my (no longer) favourite frozen French onion soup.

There is little question that these efforts by Health Canada to get us to eat properly are starting to work. They have actually got me checking for fibre content and enjoying that green salad.

But obviously Chuckles is beyond redemption. Or, more obviously, he was pandering to the dairy farmers’ concern for their sales. We should make sure that he does not, by some accident, get into a position to interfere in the way of Health Canada doing its job.


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