Singh is preying on fears.

New democratic party leader Jagmeet Singh seems to think that the big and uncontrolled world is too much for our young people. He tells them life is ripping them off. He tells them that the world is a place of low-paid, menial jobs. He warns them of escalating tuition costs, insurmountable mountains of student debt and rapacious cellphone and credit-card companies.

And Jagmeet wonders why the Green party is pushing the NDP down to a possible fourth place finish in the coming election?

Politicians used to promise a chicken in every pot. The NDP leader is wanting to appear more modern and is only promising to lead the parade demanding justice. It can hardly hold a candle to Justin Trudeau’s promise that we can all join his wondrous middle class. The only people who might not be interested in joining the middle class are the much-maligned multimillionaires.

But Jagmeet promises to tax the rich so that they too can join the middle class.

Thinking back to when I was young and looking forward to my first vote in a federal election, I would not have bought the NDP proposals. I saw the world in a different way. I saw it as an exciting opportunity, an adventure and an endless opportunity for wonderful experiences. I saw no boundaries to success as I stepped away from the safe haven of caring family.

And I made a point of learning about politics and politicians as I thought about what it meant to vote. I was in a position that provided me an opportunity to not only meet my local politicians but I also met the prime minister of the time, John George Diefenbaker, and his main opponent, Lester Bowles Pearson. The men impressed me and I had memorable conversations with each.

But it was the liberal candidate in my riding who impressed me and won my support for him and his party. It launched me into a lifelong interest and involvement in politics.

This is the first federal election in 60 years in which I do not see an obvious result. It fascinates me and I will continue to try to give you a daily commentary on where our politicians are headed.


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