It’s Tory Tax Tuck Time.

We hardly got through the first week of the federal election before the conservatives brought out their usual election chestnut. It is time to promise lower taxes. It would hardly be a Canadian election without it. And, as usual, this bribe will not even pay for your drive-though Tim’s on the way to work.

And, as is also usual, the tax goes to the rich and poor alike. The conservatives never discriminate against their rich friends. The only problem is the rich might not notice the minor uptick in their annual refund. Nor would they really care.

But what is really concerning in all this B.S. is the flip side. By that, we mean; where the money for this tax tuck will come from? In making the big announcement, ‘Chuckles’ Scheer made it clear that he is not going to cut any core services to flesh out the $6 billion this tax cut will eventually take out of government revenues. All you know is that you might have to forget the bridges or fire-fighting airplanes that the money might have provided Canadians.

While the generosity of this questionable bonanza seems mute, it is a wonder that some Canadian voters like it. It must be what makes their effort to elect some of these mean-spirited conservatives worthwhile. It puts something in their pocket.

And when you look at it in relationship to the total federal government budget, it certainly does not mean a hill of beans to the voters.

But look at it in terms of government spending and it can mean something. It could go a ways in supporting a national Pharmacare program in step with Medicare. It could mean more long-range patrol aircraft to assure our borders in the north. It could help modernize our national policing under the RCMP. It would help pay for our current refurbishing of our parliament buildings.

It makes you wonder why these Neanderthals even want to go to Ottawa. They do not believe in having a government that can be meaningful for Canadians. They do not even care about Canadians. They do care about themselves and their ideology. We certainly should not be electing conservatives.


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