In the Sorry State of Sorry.

You never think of Sorry as a place but the current election in Canada seems to be parked in a Sorry State. And why do I get the sad feeling that we are all going to be sorry when it is over? It is like many of our American friends south of the border. Do you not think they are sorry for the sorry state of their politics? Add the poor Brits to that. The threats of their out-of-control politicians in that royal realm grow worse every day.

‘So, why should Canada be free of the pain?’ you ask. Is it some mythical God’s wrath for what we have done to His beautiful planet? According to the Christian bible, He was supposed to have created this firmament exclusively for us. The scientists tell us that there might not be a second earth with exactly the same set of circumstances to allow us to live, love, lust and litter with the same abandon.

But getting back to the stupidest election in Canadian history, I do not think I could feel any sorrier for Canadians, at this time. Who told these so-called politicians that they could spend outrageously to traipse around this country making outrageous promises that they will probably never have to deliver?

And it has been my experience through many Canadian elections that the carrying out of promises is rarely Job One for many politicians. We have also had the experience of Canadian politicians doing the exact opposite of what they promised during the election.

The first rule of all these promises are that you have to keep them vague. Make them sound good but keep details to the minimum. And, for goodness sake do not, in any way, suggest that taxes will be raised to pay for the idea.

But you have to feel sorry for the politician who has to promise the old chestnut of finding savings in better government efficiencies to pay for hundreds of millions of dollars in promises. The line has been used so often by alternating governments that it has lost all validity. You would swear though that our politicians think all that money they are spending comes from orchards.


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