All Americans need decide Trump’s fate.

It seems undemocratic for Congress to decide the fate of the American president. As self-serving and as obnoxious as president Trump might be, he was the choice of American voters. They should decide his fate.

As a relatively impartial Canadian, I make this suggestion as I am as concerned for democracy in my own country as I am for democracy in America. History shows us how easy it has been for democracy to be set a side. Democracy is never guaranteed. It needs watchful citizens and politicians. It needs the support of the courts.

The first sign of trouble in a democracy is a falling off of participation at the polls. If people are prevented or discouraged from voting by others, it is an abuse of process. If people lose interest in voting, it is a sign of not caring or believing that their participation is a waste of time. This worries me in the United States as it does in Canada. Both countries are trending down in voter turnout.

What has always surprised me is the propaganda spread around the world by America as being the ‘Land of the Free’ and the assumption that it is the world’s most successful democracy. I think I will wait until national elections in the U.S.A. are under the control of a truly neutral body, instead of state officials, before applauding. In many states in the U.S., political gerrymandering has become something of a fine art and an embarrassment to the country.  And Americans will only get a gold star for common sense when supreme court judges are chosen for their lack of bias instead of their political leanings.

But the point of all this discussion is the concern for impeaching Donald Trump. I have absolutely no use for the man but I feel that the people need to make the decision. By doing so, they will recognize the power of voting. Congress can make a mess of the decision. If they succeed, they will save a few months of Trump but you cannot tell me that Mike Pence in the White House would be any better. For that man to be in office for even those few months, until the January, 2021, inauguration of a new president, could be painful.


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