Don’t sweat the big stuff.

This election campaign is built around small stuff. We even have small minded politicians to keep the arguments unimportant. Nobody seems to want to fight over the important things that could change the way of life for Canadians. It seems like a typical Canadian election.

After all, why argue about his silly power corridor for Canada when you can accuse Andrew Scheer of being a closet American? Did you know that John A. Macdonald built the first real power corridor across Canada and called it a railroad? Did you know that the first telecommunications corridor in Canada ran down those same tracks? Scheer is really a latecomer to that power corridor game.

And who complained about the liberals having two airplanes for this election? If our lame news hounds cannot get off the bus and walk to the airplane, then you are going to have the occasional prang on the tarmac between bus and plane. The liberals are just showing that they are prepared by having two planes already painted and ready to go.

Who cares if the green party promises will be kept? Do you really expect Elizabeth May to be forming a government? What makes you think her green party would even be able to make a deal with a minority government?

It looks as though the conservative campaign should be happy with all the dirt being dug up about Scheer. It must prove to them that Scheer has a chance.

What is the definition of a loser in this election? Have you ever realized that it is someone to whom nobody bothers to attack? It is hardly that his opponents love Jagmeet. They just do not want to take a chance on being called racist. They will leave that to Maxime Bernier of the peoples’ party. He is going nowhere anyway.

But what a two-bit, useless election this is! I could have filled a file drawer with all the small-minded promises of the unimaginative parties with the knowledge that very few are ever likely to be kept.


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