On sharing atonement and thanks.

Living in central Ontario, we see the changing of color in the leaves as Thanksgiving and Yom Kippur are celebrated. I have often thought that Christians and Jews should share those days as we all have much to atone for and much to give thanks. This year we might never be able to atone for our political situation but we can be thankful that the election is almost over and we can go back to our normal complaining.

It is unlikely that we can ever atone for the way we have mistreated our aboriginal peoples but Canadians are getting tired of all the apologies and no real action. We need a ‘let’s fix it’ attitude in Ottawa.

I have never understood why people think slander should be punished and then allow opponents and third parties to smear real or imagined opponents in an election? I think Canadians have the right to expect civilized debate both on the hustings and in Ottawa. Sneaking in a nasty comment is not civilized debate!

In a career of writing news releases, speeches and newsletters, I have always found that there are far more ways to write the truth. It is only the lazy writer who needs to resort to lies.

I do not think I have ever been so embarrassed by my fellow Canadians than in this election. This is the first federal election I can recall where I have not heard a single complaint or query from voters about international affairs. Canada is a major trading nation boys and girls and that does not happen by accident.

Our people at the United Nations have been working hard to get Canada elected to the Security Council. News of this federal election is making Canada a laughing stock instead. And if we accidently elect the conservatives, you can count on our taking a harder hit when Scheer cuts our pitiful foreign aid budget by 25 per cent.

And I know that a lot of people are counting on a minority government after October 21. You should be careful what you wish for. Under our system of voting, it is almost impossible to cause a minority government. It can happen, but you cannot plan it!


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