Justin Trudeau doesn’t do humble.

The media seemed to see Justin Trudeau’s speech on Wednesday as contrition. It was not. Not in the minds of many liberals who worked to give him this second chance.

And that is what it was on Monday night. It is a second chance to get it right. It is not a second chance to screw things up. It is like nobody really gives a damn if he has a gender-balanced cabinet. If you start with people competent in the job, who cares if they are all women. They have a job to do for Canadians. What does their sex have to do with it?

Canadian voters delivered a message to all politicians on Monday and Justin Trudeau was hardly listening. Yes, it was an “ugly and divisive campaign” and Justin owes a sincere apology to the liberals who still voted for him and kept the hordes from the gates.

And what about those liberals on the prairies who threw themselves into the pyre in the name of liberalism? In that act of honour, they made the point that there is still some human kindness left in a society that puts its wants ahead of the needs of our children’s children.

And why does the prime minister still carry the torch of the Trans Mountain pipeline that stressed out so many of his supporters during this campaign? You cannot juggle environmentalism and the shipment of bitumen to further foul the very earth on which we need to live.

And what of the prime minister’s native province? Yes, we knew it would dismiss the remnants of the Orange Wave that had lost its way in the wilderness. To replace the hopes and dreams of Jack Layton with the mob of péquiste from the Bloc was a figurative finger to the rest of Canada. We were damn lucky that they did not end up with the balance of power. Instead, they are a body without muscle and their rhetoric and objectives can be ignored.

At this stage, we should worry more about Justin Trudeau and his corporal’s guard of liberals and what they will do to earn redemption?


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