And now for some slow news?

It is now revealed. The Toronto Star tells us that what we write as instant commentary on a news event is called a ‘Hot Take.’ This was the same day as there had been something catastrophic at the Star’s out-of-town printing plant. The news about Hot Takes and Slow News came at the same time as an e-mail from the company telling subscribers that they would be receiving two copies of the Star Friday morning.

Actually, I was impressed. For the first time that I can recall, TorStar fessed up to having a problem before I could call to complain. Good on them. I warned the wife that I might require two cups of coffee today, to get through two days of comics.

But I really like this ‘Hot Take’ idea. It sounds so much better than ‘carping.’ I have often felt that Babel-on-the-Bay might reach greater numbers of readers if it was just more positive. People need good news.

But we live in confused times. Trump in the White House! Brexit in the offing. Big mouth Doug Ford at Queen’s Park. I think of it as the displeasure of our times.

And I am sorry that Justin Trudeau does not seem to know what he is doing. He seems to have some hate on for political parties. He thinks of us liberals as a financial resource. He has some idea that the party should be a cult and do what he tells it.

His father knew better. Pierre Trudeau used to laugh when he saw me and ask how the ‘Get Off Your Ass’ club was doing. He had no problem with the liberal party pushing for progressive policies. He found it challenging.

The liberal party is a resource that Justin Trudeau could have made better use in the last campaign. We lost ridings that we could have won with a stronger party organization.

But I better get busy. This new liberal cabinet is going to need a lot of Hot Takes.


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