A stealth pipeline?

You do realize, do you not, that the Trans Mountain pipeline is being twinned as you read this? Yes, the federal cabinet has obviously, and quietly, given the pipe people the go ahead. There are still some legal issues to resolve but the cabinet is acting as though they do not matter.

I like to think of it as the Justin Trudeau Memorial pipeline. There is some question as to which will do him in first: His amateur approach to Canadian politics or his hypocrisy about global warming? You simply cannot send tar sands bitumen off-shore for processing and not be responsible for the additional global warming that it causes?

Bear in mind that the old pipeline over the Rockies to Burrard Inlet is not just being twinned. This will not be the old pipeline when finished. The twin pipelines will have gas heaters to keep the gunk moving and under higher pressure—putting more stress on both pipes. Any leaks or spills will be harder to clean up and can be ecologically ruinous.

Despite Trudeau’s Quisling-like betrayal of liberals who care about the environment, Jason Kenney’s pal ‘Chuckles’ Scheer accused Trudeau of “of fomenting a national unity crisis.” I must have missed what Scheer refers to as Trudeau’s attack “on the Western Canadian economy.”

It was left to conservative MP Michelle Rempel to sum it all up as “finishing the job that the prime minister’s father started in the 1980s.” She was, of course, citing the conservative interpretation of Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program. It’s funny, this liberal had always thought the idea was to give Canadians greater control of their own natural resources.

But here we are, more than 37 years later, with ignorance abounding as Trudeau The Younger betrays us. And our only real defence against pipelines in the current house of commons is the Bloc Québécois and three greenies.


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