Chuckles Chucks It.

We are going to miss Chuckles. Sure, it is customary to think of something nice to say about the guy now he has announced he is quitting as leader of the conservative party. The first problem with Andrew Scheer is to think of something nice to say.

The hair looks good. Most leaders start to grey right away in that job. Maybe the wife has been doing touch-ups for him. Here he is at 40 with his career behind him.

It was easy to see why Justin Trudeau was so effusive in thanking Scheer. Scheer made Trudeau look good despite the liberal leader’s problems. Scheer might not have cared whether he was being entirely truthful in criticizing the liberal leader but Trudeau found him to be delightfully ineffective in his criticisms.

Even NDP leader Jagmeet Singh jumped into the round of people saying nice things about Chuckles. It was a lovefest in the house of commons. The circle was complete when bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet also praised his service.

Chuckles was probably lucky that the green party members are not recognized as a party and were not allowed to speak. The new interim green leader is new to this old school hypocrisy and might have mentioned Chuckles’ less than admirable concern for climate change.

But the good news is that the federal conservative party is going to have another leadership contest. There are lots of people who might like the job but the smart ones should be wary. This is a party that only likes winners. You can win the popular vote, you can increase the number of seats held by the party in parliament, you can leave the incumbent liberals in minority and you will still be crucified.

It sure is fun living in turbulent times.


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