When you’re not feeling the love.

An Ontario liberal was complaining to me the other day that he now has two liberal parties hounding him for money. He has usually been quite generous in his donations to both federal and provincial parties and their candidates but he says it has become oppressive. “I just do not feel I’m getting anything for my money,” he told me. “I used to believe I could talk to the party people about policies and political priorities. I felt that on the local level we would have policy discussions and be part of choosing our candidates.”

He told me, sadly, that amongst all the pleas for money, he is just not feeling the love.

He is upset that the candidates for the provincial leadership are ignoring Barrie. As our town is central to Ontario, we actually influence five or six ridings as well as the two that cover parts of Barrie. Yet, the leadership candidates are not coming anywhere near this neck of the woods.

That is not as bad for the three previous cabinet colleagues in the race, but it seems terribly unfair to the other three contenders. Here they are helping dispatch much of the party’s debts from the last election while the fat cats from Bay Street have already made their choice. It is the safe choice as the winner they have chosen promises no surprises.

It was supposed to be an exciting race. The candidates are three women and three men—a nice balance. There are also three with some experience and three fresh faces—all fine people and fully vetted by the party hierarchy!

I must admit that I have not found out much about Brenda Hollingworth, who jumped into the race on what was the last day for such a perilous jump. And an expensive jump, too. Hopefully we will learn something of this candidate in due course.

I am also waiting to find out more about Kate Graham from London. I understand she is an academic with a post-graduate degree in political science. I am also curious about Alvin Tedjo and his policy ideas.

The first hurdles in the race are on February 8 and 9 at the elections of delegates. This is when the regional party bosses do their stuff. They make sure that only sheep to be shorn show up for the March publicity event. Those who want to be delegates to the delegated convention are required to state their preference and the fix will be in.

That is when you will find out the first vote strength of former MPP and cabinet member Steven Del Duca from Woodbridge. What we are hearing is that the race is all over but the shouting.


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