The land the law forgot.

We have heard the prime minister say more than a few times that Canada is a country of law. What does not seem clear is the question of applying these laws to Canada’s native population. Are they not given the protection of our laws? Are they allowed to cherry pick the laws they like and the laws they do not think apply to them?

And one thing we know for sure is that there is no ‘Divine Right’ of hereditary chiefs. These people have a position only if their tribe gives it to them. They have no position in dealing with legal matters with outsiders. And they are not above the law.

And how do you expect the rest of Canada’s population to respect the law if natives are immune to it?

The situation has gone past ridiculous. We even have stupid non-native Canadians supporting them. The other day, we saw some ignorant people bring supplies to the Mohawks blocking rail lines in Ontario. It is a bad time of year for these particular Mohawks to carry out their traditional importing business across Lake Ontario.

When you think of the time and trouble those pipeline people took to negotiate a deal with the elected band councils in B.C. and the natives can, with impunity, trespass and block the normal course of commerce in other parts of Canada, there is something wrong.

Mr. Trudeau should realize that this is very, very wrong. He should be allowed to take some time to do his foreign affairs thing while his cabinet do their jobs in his absence. Instead those wimps in his cabinet are having so-so conversations with people who are breaking the law. Where was his vaunted deputy prime minister when we needed her?

Canadian history is not particularly crowded with Indian wars such as they had in the United States. The only real punch-up we had was with the Métis on the Prairies. All I know is that we try to respect Canada’s aboriginals and we hardly get much love in return.


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