A day in the life of Canada.

It is not just another day. Canada has reached a new level. It is a day when we can say that this country can work together as one. Lately that has not been the case. We have been carping and complaining to each other for too long. It is time we showed some unity. It is just too bad that it has happened because of a pandemic.

We will have to take the good with the bad. We can do that. Our prime minister can work from home for a couple weeks. He is spending some time with his kids. He has a sick wife to look after. This is better than constant selfies with strangers.

Parliament is shut down. Our MPs are back in their electoral districts until late April. They were unanimous in passing the new North American free trade agreement before leaving. Now the hard work begins on ironing out the details but the American negotiators will not be as bullying.

Our American neighbours were not prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. Their leadership was scoffing at this ‘foreign’ virus until reality came to call. They are coming from behind.

And we will pay the price for their unpreparedness. It might be the one time we will be less pleased with our porous border. It would be disastrous to the economies of both countries if an attempt was made to close that border.

But travel anywhere will be limited in the weeks to come. I was supposed to be in Ottawa today for a celebration of life for my oldest brother. I am sitting at home with a box of Kleenex at my side. In the time of Covid-19, I have a simple head cold. Just try to go anywhere today with those symptoms and you will still be ostracised.

My wife and I both feel the pain of not being with those we love. Our world is shutting down around us. I do not think we have yet seen the worst of Covid-19.

But Canada will come out of it stronger than before. We are a nation of resourceful and determined people.


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