When is ‘progressive’ not?

Are all you ‘progressives’ asleep at the switch? Who let that cretin into progressivebloggers.ca who is trying to get us to fight for conversion therapy? A little attention to the curating, please.

(For my readers who access Babel-on-the-Bay.com directly, on a regular basis, the daily blogs are also picked up by some collectives, such as progressivebloggers.ca. This commentary is about a recent blog on that pinboard on March 15 by The Arbourist.)

It is too bad that I do not believe in commenting publicly on other writers’ efforts. We each write our own blogs for our own reasons. I started Babel-on-the-Bay more than 10 years ago for something to do in retirement. There is no more disgusting trait in Canada than kicking people to the curb because of their chronological age.

I peruse ‘Progressive Bloggers’ periodically to see what others are writing about. There are some very good writers in this collection. There are also some hopeless cases that you can easily skip over. It is just that the suggestion that all of us are ‘progressive’ is really stretching it!

When I first noticed that the Trudeau government had a bill banning ‘conversion therapy’ coming up, I was mildly surprised that we had not already done that. I have no direct experience with conversion therapy but I support the professionals who tell us how harmful it can be.

But when I read the blog by some tree service that so blithely asks us to defend conversion therapy, I see red. Conversion therapy can take many forms, many of them damaging to the recipient. The basic idea is to re-educate the individual by wiping out what were considered the undesirable traits in his or her lifestyle. A simple way to describe the process is to call it brain-washing. It is a melange of methods designed by quasi-medical quacks, con artists and religious fanatics who convince the parents of what they consider is best for an under-age recipient.

What they are really doing is assaulting what might be an already fragile mind and often doing serious damage. It should have been banned many years ago.


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