Trump trumps a coronavirus.

Which would you rather have, Donald Trump or Covid-19? Life is certainly a series of difficult choices, is it not?

At least, the nincompoop in charge at the American White House has changed his tune, a bit. He is starting to use some words of concern.   Whoever got to him and convinced him that a pandemic is a serious problem should be kept around to advise the president more often.

Up until now, the only American officials recognizing the seriousness of the coronavirus have been health experts, the seriously underfunded, Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and some state governors and mayors. Last time we saw Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on the news, he looked like he had seen a ghost. The man could not have been more serious about the outbreak.

Governor Cuomo has called out the national guard to set up a one-mile radius containment area around a serious outbreak in New Rochelle. The area has been put in quarantine for 14 days.

If Americans could just establish a containment area around the White House until this virus has been defeated—or longer—the country might have a chance. As it is, the country is plunging into recession because of Mr. Trump’s mismanagement. The cruise ship industry might never recover. They have just found out why bigger is not necessarily better.

And nobody seems to want to fly anywhere these days. Airlines are contemplating bankruptcy. Every human endeavour seems to be on the hit list. The pandemic attaches to everything we want to do together. From primal relations of men and women to singing Halleluiah in our cathedrals, we are infecting each other.

We can forget for a while what large conferences and entertainments are like. Though I do think we might make an exception for Mr. Trump’s rallies. The denier-in-chief has misled and misdirected his country long enough. If his devotees want to swap viruses with each other, why would we object? Just do not stretch the American health care system beyond its limits.


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