It’s time to make lemonade.

You know the old saw: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We can all wonder at the colossal stupidity of the republicans in the American congress who fought to ensure that American business gets the bulk of federal government support funds during the covid-19 pandemic. Even in Canada, more than half of the support funds from the federal government are in support of the banks and big business. The primal instincts of bankers and business is to fight for their business survival. Employees, customers and the public are much lower on the totem.

But one thing we can consider guaranteed in all of this is that banks and big business are not the battleground of a pandemic. They might need repairs but they are not broken yet. This is the kind of fight that battlefield logisticians dread. This is fighting street by street, house by house and the enemy wears no distinguishing uniform. It is a battle when, in the middle ages, they sent wagons down the streets calling: “Bring out your dead.”

Our battle is being fought by the medical corps. Give them the cheque book of government. Kill the disease, cure the people. And do it as fast as humanly possible.

It came as a surprise the other day when Ontario’s chief Grinch, premier Ford, announced the availability of $200 million to Ontario’s municipalities to support food banks and other community support services for those in need. Mr. Ford has obviously been listening to people who understand the problems we are facing.

But do not forget that this is the guy who cancelled the liberals attempt at proving that guaranteed incomes can work for us all. It is the federal government that needs to take this opportunity to create a guaranteed income system for all Canadians.

Every citizen and newcomer to this country needs to receive a realistic basic income. If you are earning more than that, the basic fund will simply be taxed back to the government. It is a system that makes sure than nobody is missed. It will amaze people when they realize how much money the system can save us.


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