“Are we there yet?”

That man-child in the American White House reminds me of taking the kids on a road trip. How soon they would tire of their prison in the back seat of the family sedan. And, no matter how many games you had lined up for them, you eventually hear what every parent does not want to hear, the whine, “Are we there yet?”

Donald Trump’s impatience with a pandemic, that has inconvenienced him, should come as no surprise. He has been telling us when it will end practically from before it became too serious for him to ignore. And the fact he belittled the coronavirus from those early stages was just the usual childish reaction to things Trump cannot control.

Lately he has decided to blame the World Health Organization (WHO) for the pandemic. It is hard to tell if he is complaining about them telling him or not telling him what was coming down the turnpike. In a typical Trump reaction, he has cut off the U.S. funding for that very critical body. “That’ll teach ‘em!”

It certainly helps to prove what a lackey vice president Mike Pence can be when he is still at Donald Trump’s beck and call. For him to head up that Gong Show gang running the federal pandemic circus is not only frightening but is liable to extend the pandemic effects in the U.S. for another two years.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Trump is still supposed to be driving the bus in the U.S. until January of 2021. The only thing that he might have in mind is how to stay in office beyond that date.

Of course, many Americans have assured me that Mr. Trump is going to have a very difficult time getting re-elected in November. I am impressed with their confidence, but it seems to me, we heard something similar four years ago. I remember how disappointed we were back then.


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