The Pirates of the Pandemic.

The gloom and doom writers have it all wrong. You do realize, do you not, that there are business bandits who are making a killing because of the pandemic. These are the ones shedding crocodile tears as they make another billion. Who says we are all in this together?

It was win some/lose some for Loblaws and other large grocers in the first quarter as they watched sales escalate as they learned how to stay open in the face of covid-19. Watching the prices rise in the grocery stores throughout the first three months of the pandemic is paying for more than the costs of shields and masks in the retail end of the grocery business. No need for a tag day for the Weston family.

And it would take far more than a pandemic to rattle Canada’s bankers. They are hardly losing when they are cutting back on staff hours and keeping the plastics industry busy making cheap shields.

But the one industry that is making the most of our misery is the telecommunications industry. If we had never understood the need for streaming video on the Internet, we know it now, and never have so many paid so much. Welcome to the battle for bandwidth.

If the telecoms would just deliver the service, they try to tell us we are getting, life could go on. I think I have checked every competitor in my area and I find they all seem to be using the same resale Bell optic fibre. And while the fibre cables might be running down my street, it is two pairs of twisted copper wires delivering the service to my apartment.

It is Canada’s major breweries, owned today by mainly foreign companies who are taking home profits from the increased alcohol consumption. I expect it will not help to ward off covid-19. Profits from liquor and wine are mostly taken by the provinces that own or control most of Canada’s liquor distribution.

Mind you, the main beneficiaries of Canadians staying at home during the worst of the pandemic will probably be hospital obstetrical units starting about Christmas time.


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