In the war of the sexes, we are all losers.

How do we hate this pandemic? Let us count the ways.

Looking at the pictures of what was going on at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto last weekend gave you a smile and a frown. It was a young crowd, doing what young people do. It was natural and understandable and counter to all the restrictions of the pandemic.

But I thought the complaints on television by Toronto mayor John Tory were asinine. What properly run city would unlock the public park and keep the washrooms barred?

And Ontario premier Doug Ford looked just as ridiculous complaining about the lack of social distancing. What else was he expecting after two months of lock-down. Say what you like about all those crappy social media programs, they will never replace the pleasure of a warm and interested body next to yours.

Despite the blue-stocking attitude of our politicians and the continuing efforts to repress our society by ignorant clerics, this pandemic is going to explode at some point. Humans have sexual urges for a reason and we need to have outlets.

It was shocking to see recently that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) had declared that the pathetic involuntary celibate “incel” movement is a form of ideological terrorism. It makes you wonder just what countries CSIS believes might be targeting us with other forms of mental illness?

When it comes to the war of the sexes, we are our own worst enemy. Maybe after the pandemic is past we can wrest prostitution from the hands of the bikers and drug dealers and properly protect women who want to offer their services to men who might otherwise be without this outlet.

We used to have debutante balls to introduce young people who were arriving at the marriage market age. We also have neighbourhood parties to introduce bored housewives to equally bored husbands. Maybe we need to have parties properly labelled just to introduce people who are interested in some hot sweaty sex.


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