A pandemic is no time to be Tory.

You need to be considerate of your conservative friends in these troubled times. You might even think kindly of inviting some conservatives into your circle. Share the lottery of covid-19 with them. They are suffering the conviction of their politics.

Their American hero Donald Trump is scraping the nether regions of the American polls. Our federal conservatives have attracted but a few losers to their leadership contest. The conservative premiers are lining up with the liberal PM. These are sorry Tory times.

And let us not forget the mayor of Canada’s largest city. John Tory seems to be struggling with his conservative ideology during these troubled times. And here is a man who stood so tall just a year ago in feting our basketball Raptors.

We might as well face the facts that the liberals under Justin Trudeau have proved that they are the spending champions. Not since World War II has our government worked the printing presses for money so tirelessly. The Bloc Québécois have been asking for an accounting but it is probably more out of curiosity than any idea that it should embarrass the liberals.

But what does all this sudden money say to conservative supporters? What is all this foolishness about balancing budgets? Why are conservative leaders still talking tax cuts? When this pandemic is over, we are going to have to keep spending to rebuild our economy. Balancing the books will require a long run of a robust economy.

The facts are that despite the seeming neoliberalism of finance minister Bill Morneau, billions more will be needed in infrastructure spending after the pandemic is declared over. And there will be little savings in monies needed to keep the vulnerable in our society alive and well. I am not sure the London School of Economics or any university-level economics course teaches how to spend our way into a better future for all.


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