Black thoughts on a hot day.

This pandemic is not over until I get to shoot craps at a local casino. Our backlog of celebrations of lives lost to us is daunting. And I have no idea how the air-conditioning can handle another day of over 30°C.  Besides, the local liquor stores are out of my favourite wines.

The best suggestion for a commentary was a series of pictures sent by a reader. He visited a park in Lithuania some time ago and he found it was where the Lithuanians parked the statues of defrocked heroes.

The idea seemed to be that history teachers could bring their students to the park to learn about their country’s cast-aside heroes. It struck me as a pleasant outing to visit with Lenin, Stalin and that ilk. Maybe Canadians have some park space for some of our rejected heroes.

I don’t suppose that the Americans will have any statues of Donald Trump any time soon. Imagine finding space beside the other four presidents on Mount Rushmore for him!

It reminds me of the statue of King Edward VII at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The statue was brought to Toronto when rejected by the government of India. Everyone agrees that it is a very fine horse that what’s-his-name is riding. It is like some of the statues of General Robert E. Lee in the American south. They often put him on a well-crafted horse. The South might not rise again but we will always have a liking for fine horses.

The Japanese have a better answer to this problem of fallen heroes. I was once given a tour around the beautiful grounds of the imperial palace in Tokyo. We came across a statue of a very formidable Samurai warrior and I asked the guide what the characters on the plaque under the statue meant. She said she did not have a clue as the characters were in the old Japanese language, before they adopted the Chinese Kanji. It was just another fine piece of the sculptor’s art.


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