The man who cannot tell the truth.

It is a puzzling experience in life to have to deal with the reality of a man who is incapable of telling the truth. Listening to this man is like hearing a child fabricate a tale of the penguin who ate the cookies. You listen with a smile, because the child knows his story will entertain his audience instead of inform.

The psychologists tell us he has narcissistic tendencies. Is this not the least of his problems? Self love is relatively harmless, they tell us.

He has no love for the women with whom he ruts. He satisfies his ego.

But if this man thinks he is a leader, where can he lead us? Can he make America great again? Can he not make America great again by tearing it down first? Can he just laugh at global warming?

And can he make enemies of America’s friends and cozy to the enemies of America? Can he satisfy his dislike for those whose color might be different? Can he mistreat the children of those he holds in contempt?

Why does he not listen to the words of those with training, wisdom and experience—who understand the pernicious nature of a pandemic? Can he, with no experience or training—a clown—predict the ending of disease, the time of a vaccine, the use of other cures and simple solutions to prevent the spread?

But always remember: this problem belongs to the United States of America. It is to the embarrassment of the country—once known for its power, its leadership, its industry, its learning.

The only people with the power to make America great again are the voters of America. They can make it happen in November.


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