MP’s paid too much for too little.

In talking with other liberals a few days ago, the question was raised; Why are we paying these liberal MPs so much just to vote as they are told? They have serious questions to ask Justin Trudeau. They have to demand the resignation of finance minister Bill Morneau. Our MPs have to get off their asses and do the job for which Canadians are paying them.

The chap who asked the question about pay, worked damn hard to elect a liberal in our riding last election. I also know he contributed generously to the liberal campaign. And what are the thanks he gets?

The rank and file liberals across Canada appear to be just as gutless as their members of parliament. These people have been denied their right to vote on Justin Trudeau’s custodianship of the job of leader. They are sent endless e-mails asking for more money. They are constantly embarrassed by the PM’s elitism and his faux pas.

As liberals, we have the right to ask for more. We do not get out and work for our liberal candidate at election time just to be ignored for the next four years. (Asking us for money does not qualify as communication, thank you.)

Liberals are not people who are just happy with the status quo. Party workers include large numbers of progressives. These are people who are eager for new initiatives, forward thinking, social justice, concern for the disadvantaged and the advancement of Canada among world nations.

Our members of parliament are paid more than $150,000 a year in basic salary. This is equivalent to the salary of a vice-president of a medium sized firm or, at least, a senior manager. It is not what you pay for people to vote as they are told. Caucus solidarity does not mean everyone has to act stupid.

Caucus meetings are where MPs can raise their concerns. Acting like sheep just means they are going to get shorn.


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