The ‘WE’ boys go to the show.

After months of nothing but bad television, we finally got a taste of drama on Tuesday afternoon. It was politics at its best and its worst. It was a success and failure of technology. And it was sad.

The We charity will never recover. And as it is run, it should not. The Save the Children charity, created in 1995, hardly passed the smell test. In today’s version, as We Charity, there were questions the operators did not answer. They should have brought their lawyers with them. They were under oath and skating on some thin ice.

The questions that they had the most trouble answering were predictable. Charlie Angus of the NDP ripped into them for not registering as lobbyists. Pierre Poilievre, the cowboy francophone from Calgary, pounded them. And he had reason.

After 25 years at the helm of a charity the Kielburger boys are purported to be millionaires. Their mix of charities, for-profit companies and activities are a confused conglomerate, over which, they seem to have complete control. They have come a long way for a couple kids from Thornhill, just north of Toronto.

My surprise was that it was the younger Craig who took the lead in answering the question from the parliamentarians. He has grown glib over the years.

But did he really write that book that pushed him into prominence 25-years ago? It was hardly his public relations skills that got him there.

It was like shooting fish in a barrel for the opposition MP’s to ridicule the hiring of the prime minister’s mother as a speaker for We Days.

The show was another bad example of Zoom technology. Yet, you had to admire the careful staging, make-up and lighting of that weasel Pierre Poilievre and the extra time given to him by his conservative colleagues, in recognition of his tenacity.

The liberals gave this episode a touching ending, but too late.

I can hardly wait for part two of this show. Do you think our prime minister will get a shave and a haircut before his appearance on Thursday?


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