The Legacy of Donald Trump.

This might become a game people can play after post-pandemic dinner parties. The simple question is “What, in your view, is the nature of the of the legacy of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America?” And it might be wise to restrict answers to 25 words or less.

It is likely much too early to start playing the game before January 20, 2021. Every time you are under the impression that the guy has done the ultimate, he does more. Did we even believe what was happening at the 2016 GOP convention? Could we really have forecast his actions over the past four years? Have we really kept tract of all the lies he has told his followers?

My favourite answer at this time is the help Mr. Trump has provided in restoring democracy in America. This might puzzle a few people but it is less oblique than his serial killing of more than 200,000 Americans by his denial of the coronavirus.

America used to have a measure of democracy that it could boast about around the world. Mr. Trump has driven holes in that bragging. He has denied the promise of the New Colossus in New York Harbour. He built a wall against the people to the south and used trade as a hammer with which to attack those of the north.

He brazenly used enemies of his people to help him overcome their democracy. Rather than enrich his people with trade, he mounted trade wars to use them as unwilling soldiers in his wasted wars.

Donald Trump might not have been the most innovative of presidents but he was proactive. His legacy is one we can long remember.


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