But all we got was business, as usual.

It was supposed to be a reset. We were waiting for the grand scheme. Frankly, the Governor General’s speech was boring and really nothing we had not heard before. It took too long to read. It took little time to critique. And the prime minister wasted our time with his recap.

If this stance was chosen as a chance to sucker the opposition into an election, it might make some sense. Neither the leader of the conservatives nor the leader of the bloc québécois seemed sick enough to get any sympathy votes for having caught covid-19. It comes down to the new democrats.  And it is really hard to believe that Jagmeet Singh has the intestinal fortitude to want to force an election.

Nor do we see the new democrat caucus forcing Jagmeet to make the call for an election.

And what would it prove? A few more seats in Ontario for the conservatives would be the only upside for the Tories. A few more losses for the NDP to the liberals. And you end up with the status quo. That would hardly be to anyone’s advantage.

The weasel words on the environment and the oil industry were less that pleasing. It simply meant that the status quo applies which pleases neither Alberta politicians nor environmentalists. Jason Kenney and friends will continue to demand more pipeline support and Justin Trudeau will continue to say he is an environmentalist.

The major promise will be the day-care support from the federal government. This has to happen.

The only other promise of interest was the promise to address the needs of those incapable of earning a living. We will watch that one closely.


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