It’s not about Alberta, Mr. Kenney.

It is a shame that the voters in Alberta have not told Jason Kenney the hard truth. He has to understand that he took responsibility for Alberta’s economic problems when he became premier. If he is unable to solve those economic problems, then the people of Alberta should find someone who can.

Kenney thinks he can just blame the rest of Canada and the prime minister for all Alberta’s problems. Why?

Kenney called the liberal government’s throne speech “A fantasy plan for a mythical country.” There were many who disliked the speech. They would really like to know what is fantasy about it? Instead of counting the words in the throne speech, Mr. Kenney needs to understand that the federal government has to address the current pandemic on behalf of all Canadians.

We understand that Mr. Kenney is not as worried about the pandemic. He just wants the federal government to cover more of Alberta’s health costs. In the meantime, Alberta can continue to have one of the highest per capita incidences of covid-19 and he is not concerned about that?

Is Mr. Kenney just going to accuse the federal government of not taking action on the pandemic? Is this what he claims is fantasy land? Or is he desperate for the federal government to pay for all his health care costs?

It is not as though Mr. Kenney is unaware of the responsibilities of federal and provincial governments in Canada. And it is no surprise that more and more newspaper writers in the province are calling for new thinking about taxes, and the roller coaster ride that Albertans have endured because of the poorly managed energy industry.

The voters in Alberta have to start asking Jason Kenney what he is really doing for them.


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